We all have a chance to ring in New Year only once in a year. So, all of us want to make the New Year Eve as festive memorable moments in our life. But, some of us may struggle with many questions such as where to celebrate and what’s the best place to be when the clock strikes 12 on December 31st.
So, we have quite literally scoured the world for the top best cities to celebrate the extravagant annual celebrations on Dec 31st. Long night parties, epic firework displays and one of kind cultural traditions are some of the many things that happen around the New Year. Here we have shortlisted the 7 best cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017.

Paris, France
For all those, who are curious to welcome the New Year in Paris, has a lot many ways to celebrate New Year Eve to the fullest. Witness the most amiable colors – ‘City of Lights’ in Paris. So, what could be more eye feast than watching out the light show display and incredible fireworks at the most iconic landmark of Paris, the Eiffel tower?
Things to do: Partying at the Champs – Elysées and Montmartre’s Sacre Coeur plaza can be a preferred choice to welcome the New Year with josh. Another significant thing to do is taking up New Year’s Eve boat cruises alongside the river Seine.

London, UK
Many of us are not aware of the fact that London – the capital city of England is the host of The Best New Year’s Eve Party during the New Year. London will be lit up with twinkling lights and many places across the city will come up with all the stops to ensure that your New Year’s Eve in London is most memorable one.
Things to do: If you wish to get close to the colorful fireworks but don’t have a ticket, then the Cannon Street as well as the Monument areas of the London city are good places to celebrate New Year very uniquely. You can enjoy a delicious dinner at one of those sky high restaurants and you can take up a New Year’s Eve river cruise.

New York, the USA
Given the phenomenal attractions and incomparable night scenes, New York is the Best Places for New Year’s Eve. It might not be a place for everyone but it is sure that the New York’s New Year’s Eve has a stunning atmosphere that many others can rival.
Things to do: To enjoy the local delicacies of New York, then book a reservation in one of the hip bars or restaurant overlooking the Times Square. If you love to catch the glimpse of midnight fireworks display then take a night boat ride on the New York Harbor near the Statue of Liberty Island, which is yet another best thing to do in New York.

Orlando, Florida USA
New Orleans hosts most extraordinary parties in US every year during New Year and fireworks displays of New Orleans are a fascination to many.
Things to do: To Welcome New Year in a most colorful way with a great spirit, then head to the Mississippi River and to be a part of the kaleidoscope of colors cascading over the river. The show lasts for 15 minutes and is one of the major highlights of the New Year’s festivities. So, dance your heart out in one of the clubs and you can even do some bar hopping as well.

Edinburgh, Scotland
If you make it to Edinburg during the New Year Eve, you can enjoy a myriad of New Year’s Eve Parties, concerts, shows and fireworks. Last year roughly 1, 49,000 people from some 80 countries across the world came together to take part in the 3 day New Year’s Eve event at Edinburgh.
Well, in Edinburg, festivities begin on December 30th and the skies are set ablaze with fireworks. And thousands of revelers carry torches while marching from the Parliament Square to Calton Hill.
Things to do: On the New Year eve, more revelers take to the street and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. A lot of live music concerts, ceilidhs and theatre shows are organised during this time and you can attend either one or all of these.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
In order to make an extravagant New Year’s Eve celebrations, Rio De Janeiro hosts a myriad of concerts, events and shows. If Carnival Festivities is something that Rio De Janeiro is broadly known for then its New Year’s Eve celebrations are a close second.
Things to do: The major attraction of Rio De Janeiro is the Copacabana Beach, which is a host to arguably the wildest and the largest New Year’s Eve Parties. Indulge in the stunning celebrations on the Copacabana Beach, which involves tossing flowers as a gift to Yemanjá (Goddess of Seas), attending dance and musical performances and the colorful fireworks display that perfects the scene.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney can be your ideal getaway for New Year’s Eve celebrations as it is amongst the only few cities in the world where it strikes midnight before others. Sydney is adobe to one of the largest New Year’s Eve parties in the world where more than a million people join in to partake in the celebration. Sydney Harbour Bridge is definitely one of the best places to visit, just not only for its timeless beauty but for all the festivities of the New Year.
Things to do: During New Year Celebrations, there are stunning water and air shows at display in Sydney. There are two firework shows organised in the city, one at 10 PM and the other at midnight, don’t miss them as they are unlike what you have seen before.
Make this and every New Year a night to remember. Plan ahead for a hassle free trip.