Flying to a destination in US and UK with EgyptAir booking? You must follow the latest ban of carrying electronic devices onboard, passed by US and UK Administration of Transportation.

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EgyptAir is the national flag carrier of Egypt. EgyptAir flights cover more than 80 destinations with a fleet of 62 various Boeing and Airbus models. The airline has its main hub at Cairo International Airport. Every flight of EgyptAir offers the best of flying with the country’s hospitality served on-board.

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  • Passengers with EgyptAir booking on the Cairo – Milano, Milano – Cairo and London – Cairo routes can use the HomeTag facility. HomeTag is a label for the passengers’ luggage in which passengers can take print the tag at their homes instead of at airports.
  • If you want to get EgyptAir flight status using EgyptAir flight number and flight route. Enter flight number or departing destination and arrival destination on the EgyptAir flight booking website.

What’s the electronic ban on EgyptAir Flights?
Following is the full details for the passengers with EgyptAir flight booking for USA or UK on possession of the electronic devices onboard.

Recently, US and UK Administration of Transportation passed a new regulation that any electronic device which is larger than cell phone/smartphone not to be carried on EgyptAir flights. The banned electronic devices must be packed into the checked baggage.

According to the US media reports, the US authorities banned passengers coming from 10 Middle East and Africa countries from carrying electronic devices larger than smartphone. So, passengers are recommended not to carry the following devices onboard.

Examples of electronic devices which are banned on EgyptAir flights, but are not limited to:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • E-Readers
  • Portables DVD players
  • Electronic game units larger than smartphones
  • Travel printer/scanners

Passengers with EgyptAir flight booking for the USA or UK should take precautions and avoid hassle at the airport. They can pack in the things for check in. Board your EgyptAir flight and fly off to the USA and UK with memories and dreams.